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Start your own Online English School  


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« on: March 21, 2010, 11:41:27 PM »

english.uk.com, supercoolschool.net, englishsubject.org, and hire-agents.com.
Selling price: $300 usd
Email: russelgabiola@yahoo.com
Payment method accepted: Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer

Interested to start your own Online English School?

There are more than a billion students of English worldwide and online schools offering English language teaching have become much more in demand. Now, teachers and businessmen who want to start a home-based business can avail of our English Website Package

We offer everything it takes to start your own school online without knowledge in teaching, web designing, or operating an online school. Anyone can now have the opportunity to be in the education business and start earning online.

The website package will include 1 year free hosting, domain, a startup website, 50 ebooks, and $200 Prweb.com press release plus $150 Google advertising credits. The website features social networking, blog, chat, site news, class scheduler, photo and video gallery and many more.

What is the difference between having to start your own school from scratch and purchasing the English Teacher Website Package?

Starting an online English school is not an easy task. You would not know where to get quality teachers at low rates, how to get students to buy your service, how to develop your curriculum, where to get your lessons, and how to promote your business online.  In order to attract students, you must build a professional website and pay as much as $500 just for the design, buy books, and market your services which can cost you a fortune. Moreover, you will need to rank better in Google and Yahoo to increase your traffic and your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I receive my website package after payment?
You will be contacted by email. This will contain the website package and details for transfer. You will receive all information for your ready-made website within 24-48 hours in most  cases. You are expected to follow very simple instructions in order to transfer the website completely. You can easily customize your site using HTML. Some of our websites are just point-and-click which means you do not need any HTML or any knowledge in web design.

2. Are there any guarantees on the freebies included in the package?
Yes. You will receive everything included in the package or your money back.

3. Will I receive all the rights to the website?
Yes. Once you have purchased the website package, you are considered as the rightful owner of the domain and website.

4. What happens after the free hosting and domain expire?
We only offer 1 year free domain and 1 year free hosting. You shall be held responsible for paying the dues after this. Normally, a domain is worth $10/year and hosting is only $3.99 a month to keep the website up.

6. I cannot use the advertising credits you gave me. Why?
You must have a valid credit card and account in Google adwords.

7. How do I receive the ebooks?
Your ebooks will be sent by email. We recommend gmail because some books are over 10MB.

9. Can I get a refund?
We will only provide you with the refund if we are not able to transfer the website and domain to you. Otherwise, no refund will be given.

10. How and when do I start earning?
The complete package allows you to contact teachers and enrollees easily. The school owner is responsible for directly marketing his or her offered services.

11. How much time do I need to operate the business?
Operating an online school only takes 30 minutes to an hour of your time everyday or depending on how much time you want to spend on this business. You only need to check your email for inquiries and online payments and of course, do some accounting.

12. Now that I have the complete website package, what do I do next?
You can start your direct marketing with your free advertising credits. We will take care of promoting your business online for a certain period of time. You can contact the teachers we have provided you. Once you are ready for your first student, you only need to check your email for future payments from new students and follow-up on their schedule, lessons, and attendance.

13. Will I be able to register the Online School in my country?
Yes. You may register the business in your country or locality. However, you will be held responsible in preparing for the necessary documents.

14. What if I need more books for the classes? Do I have to pay?
We will provide you with 50 free ebooks inclusive in the package. If you need more books, you have to request them from us via email and we will send them to you for free depending on availability. However, you are not allowed to sell the books.

15. I don't have Paypal. How can I receive payments from students?
You may use other payment processors such as 2checkout, AlertPay, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, Xoom, Western Union, or even direct deposit,

16. Is there a limit to the number of pages on the school’s website?
We currently offer you a 1 year prepaid website with 10 pages. However, once the transfer has been made, you have the option to upgrade and add more pages from the admin page of your website.

17. Is there a limit to the number of lesson packages that can be offered?

There is no limit to the number or variety of lesson packages you want to offer.

18. Is there a limit to the number of files stored in the website?

It will depend how much bandwith or files the website can handle. The website we will provide you includes 1,000 MB storage space. You may choose to upgrade to increase this limit.

19. Is there a limit to the number of members and students that the site can handle?
There is no limit to the number of members/students who will join the site.

Email: russelgabiola@yahoo.com
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